DUI A Series From Different Perspectives

by attorneyscottcampbell

DUI A Series From Different Perspectives. I wanted to write on probably the biggest subject I get questions about in my practice, Driving Under the Influence. People who have been arrested come in and tell me their story, then hope I can somehow get the charges dismissed. Getting charges dismissed is rare, but there are things that can be done to mitigate a DUI charge. This will not happen in every case and don’t believe a lawyer who promises unrealistic outcomes. The police are practiced in making DUI arrests, and some are very good at it. Fortunately, there are lawyers who are also practiced in defending people charged with DUI, and some are very good at it.

I could write the same statute-heavy post saying what I can do for someone to get them off a DUI, but that would be boring. So, I am going to write a series of posts I may be uniquely qualified to write from different perspectives.

My first post will detail DUI from a police officer’s point of view. Having been a police officer for over 26 years and having made DUI arrests, I understand the many dynamics involved. Second, I will do the obligatory post from my perspective as an attorney representing people arrested for DUI. Next, I will write about how it is to be arrested for DUI. I was arrested for DUI, but I was not impaired at all – I was actually innocent. Finally, I will write from the perspective of a Judge as I am a Pro Tem Justice of the Peace and preside over pleas, motions, and trials for DUI.

From all perspectives, though, I want to emphasize not to drive when you are impaired. It is dangerous and can be costly, through an accident, an arrest, or both.


Next in this series : DUI From the Perspective of a Police Officer

DUI A Series From Different Perspectives