Financial Exploitation in Nursing Homes

by attorneyscottcampbell

Financial Exploitation in Nursing Homes – Today’s guest blog is by the Law Firm of Percey Martinez

When a person hears the word “abuse” they just think about physical harm or emotional abuse, but there is another form of abuse that happens in nursing homes which is known as financial abuse. It is hard to tell that financial abuse is going on in a nursing home because it is not always apparent. Regardless of it being difficult to tell, there are certainly some signs that can indicate that financial abuse is taking place.

Financial Exploitation in Nursing Homes

Financial Exploitation in Nursing Homes

An elderly person might be frail and unable to stand up for themselves and so the nursing home or nursing staff take advantage of them. They might threaten them and instill fear so that they do not report it to their loved ones. Financial abuse can lead to emotional trauma as well. With the constant manipulation and threats, an elderly person most probably will suffer emotionally. The Miami abuse litigators do not allow these nursing homes to take advantage of their residents. They want to put a stop to this injustice and work on making these facilities liable for their actions.

Financial exploitation goes unreported the majority of the time. In fact, it is the form of abuse that goes the most unreported in Nursing Homes. Concern has been growing for the elderly population with the many forms of abuse that they have been subjected to. Below will be listed some signs of financial exploitation that can spark a loved one to take action.

Financial Exploitation in Nursing Homes


Signs of Financial Abuse

The fact that financial abuse can be hard to identify can be the reason why is does not get reported. An elderly person might not even know they are being exploited. The family of the elderly have to protect their loved one and recognize the signs of financial abuse. Some signs include:

  • Medication that goes missing
  • Belongings that disappear
  • Missing credit cards, money, checks
  • Missing documents
  • Altered will
  • Forged checks
  • Resident starts to hide stuff
  • Sudden invoices
  • Unpaid bills
  • More

A loved one should be diligent in reporting any of these signs to the nursing home’s administration or authorities. Once the concern has been addressed, the loved one should keep every document because proof that the loved one took action will be vital for establishing a future case if nothing gets done.

Financial Abuse Lawyers in Miami Helping Victims

Financial Exploitation in Nursing Homes

Abuse can be seen in many forms. Although financial abuse is not the same as physical abuse, it can still lead to it, just like emotional abuse can too. No harm should be done to these fragile and innocent people. An elderly person has their chances of dying increase after they have been abused. Seeking legal help is another option that the family member has. If financial abuse is taking place, perhaps other forms of abuse are taking place. The Miami abuse lawyers thoroughly investigate every inch of the case to determine what else is going on, if anything. Percy Martinez and his team want to make a difference for these victims and make the responsible party pay for their actions.