The Most Common Types of Juvenile Crimes in the US

by attorneyscottcampbell

The Most Common Types of Juvenile Crimes in the US

The Most Common Types of Juvenile Crimes in the US. Today’s guest blog is by  Personal Injury Attorney Louisville Kentucky. The opinions expressed by the author in this and all guest blogs are not necessarily those of Attorney Scott Campbell. When young people commit crimes they are often termed as juvenile crimes. A few such crimes are the same as adults’ criminals commit whereas few are relevant to their age as well as other factors. Young people who face the criminal charges of juvenile offenses can contact a criminal defense attorney in order to learn about and protect their rights.

The Most Common Types of Juvenile Crimes in the US

The most common types of these crimes are the following:


Assault is one of the common types of juvenile crimes. Teens being emotionally charged get into fights more often, in case such fights occur at school, the can be referred to a resource officer. Purse snatching, bullies, or physical and emotional violence and abuse come under the assault category.


Larceny is also known as stealing. This is the most common type of juvenile crimes. Most of the young people steal from stores or other people. The criminals of this type target inexpensive and easily disposable items. Moreover, such crimes can also go unreported and unnoticed. Consequently, when the crime goes unnoticed and there is no consequence of the crime occurred, the criminal can increase the value of the stolen item.

The Most Common Types of Juvenile Crimes in the US

Illegal Purchases:

Getting involved in some risky behavior, or taking part in some dangerous activities is a common activity amongst young people. Teens often get into illegal purchases such as alcohol or cigarettes. These teens further try- to convince older people to purchase such items from them. They also use fake identification in order to make sales of these items purchased illegally.

In certain situations, they can get involved with drugs and even arrested for possessing such items. Unfortunately, many young people fall prey to gangs who use these young people to distribute drugs in different locations.

Violent Crimes:

Teens are more likely to get into violence. They can easily become the target of abuse and most often lash out. They can get addicted to drugs and alcohol and commit violent crimes such as robbery or assault. These violent crimes also include getting involved in battles with gangs and drug dealers. Adolescents can also possess and use firearms or weapons and kill others.

In addition to it, aggravated assault is also common crimes when they cause serious harms to others during such attacks or fights.

The Most Common Types of Juvenile Crimes in the US

Sexual Crimes:

In many of the juvenile criminal cases, sexual crimes are also common. The child may have been sexually abused and consequently may act sexually with others. Their lack of judgment and wisdom leads them to get involved in sext pornography, which can be prosecuted as possession of child pornography. Apart from it, sexual assault, rape, prostitution or sex trafficking are also very common and punishable crimes.

Status Offenses:

Some of the juvenile crimes depend upon the teen’s age and laws relevant to them. For instance, they can violate curfew laws if they stay out late at night. They can also face incorrigibility charges if they refuse to listen to their parents. Most of the juvenile arrests are due to misconduct, simple assault, drug abuse, curfew violation or theft.

The Most Common Types of Juvenile Crimes in the US

Consideration of Juvenile Crimes:

Under criminal law, most of the juvenile crimes are considered as misdemeanor offenses, but some cases are also related to felony offenses. The juvenile crimes are treated differently as compared to adult crimes. The main purpose of the juvenile justice system is to rehabilitate the offender. These offenders are subject to alternative penalties such as educational courses, rehabilitation courses, community services etc.

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