Rise In the Bicycle Accident News

Rise In the Bicycle Accident News. Today’s guest blog is by Pacific Attorney group PLC. The opinions expressed by the author in this and all guest blogs are not necessarily those of Attorney Scott Campbell.

Rise In the Bicycle Accident News

Over the past decade, the use of bicycles has increased by 55%. Bicycling was considered as a leisure ride in summer vacations or the activity associated with the exercise. Now for many people, it has become a primary mode of transportation in the suburbs and cities across the country. The increase in cycle rides has also marked an increase in the bicycle accident involving serious injuries of bike vs. motor vehicle and bike vs. pedestrian crashes.

Bicycle Accidents Statistics

Bicyclist face inevitably higher-risk of crash deaths in the congested urban environments compared to the motor vehicle drivers. Discussing the facts, in the United States out of all trips 1% are reportedly taken by the bicycle. The bicycle fact sheet that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) created tells that nearly 50,000 people every year get injured in the accident that involves the bikes and vehicles and 13,000 of them are children. On average, 700 bicyclists are killed and an estimated 500,000 bicyclists visit the emergency due to injuries. Another accident news report that 33% of the bicycle collision with auto vehicles results in serious deaths or injury.

Rise In the Bicycle Accident News

Majority of the crashes occur because of careless and poor actions such as when the motorist failed to yield. The term “crash’ is the better one as it doesn’t eliminate the accountability for what happened. Unfortunately, in the bike vs. car crash, the object into which the bicyclist ‘crashes’ is either the unforgiving pavement or 3500 lb. car. The consequences of the crash can be disastrous and often life-altering. The bicycle accident news in California is also common to hear.

The risk of injury always exists when the person is competing in the sport or learning. However, the cyclists experience a different challenge because many of the risks come from the sources external to the act of cycling or their own act. In addition, these risks also come from the roadways and surrounding conditions as well as the traveling vehicles around the cyclist.

Innovations to Bring Improvement In Cyclist’s Safety

Many innovations are designed every year to bring improvements in the cyclist’s ability to intermingle with the urban environment. The two devices which can help are:

Rise In the Bicycle Accident News

  1. Zackees: These are the gloves used when riding which include the glowing turn signals and are designed to get motorists’ attention towards the intent of the cyclists’ to take the turn.
  2. Morpher Helmet: This bicycle helmet is collapsible which when not using can fold flat. Wearing a safety helmet is the best safety measure a bicyclist can take while riding.

Bicycle Accident Coverage Issues

The injuries from bicycle-vs-vehicle can be extremely traumatic, range from wrist and hand injuries to broken ribs and collar bones, and even severe brain injuries. The answer to “who pays for the bicycle injuries?” can be difficult. In some states, generally, the bicyclists in the bike-car crash will turn their car insurance to pay for the accident-related damages and medical bills. Whereas in other states or in different circumstances, the cyclist needs to turn their homeowners/renters insurance or health insurance for coverage. The best rule of thumb is to proactively talk to California accident lawyer about improving the coverage, first try to focus on actual coverages instead of the price of the policy.