The Border Patrol Video

Scroll down and you will see a video of me cross examining a Border Patrol Agent.  I am often asked about the case and how the cross examination of the State’s witnesses went, especially Agent Gomez.

Agent Gomez was in an impossible position.  He was a well-meaning Agent doing what he was told.  The problem for the government was they were running the checkpoint in a manner counter to the Constitution.  This was not Agent Gomez’s fault.  Any agent sitting in that chair would have looked just as foolish because I knew where I was going to take him…the case was there.

For those wondering what happened after Agent Gomez testified, the answer is that the K-9 handler was coming up next and was going to have to explain how his dog could tell the difference between a concealed human and an unconcealed human.  That would have been interesting, but we never got that far.  The Judge dismissed the case on an evidentiary matter (a classical technicality).  The State appealed the dismissal, the case was reinstated, and Pastor Anderson got a jury trial.  The verdict was not guilty.

For Agent Gomez, if you ever read this, my cross examination was not personal to you.  Someone was going to look foolish on the stand, it just happened to be you at that checkpoint that night.

To any potential client, you see my style.  Prepared and direct.  If that is what you are looking for in your attorney, give me a call.